Magic Services:

For Exterior:

Express Exterior Service: $75 regular, $95 mid, $115 large
100% Hand Wash, Paste Wax, Window Clean, Tire Dressing.

Clay Magic Wax   $125 regular, $155 mid, $195 large
 100% hand wash, Clay bar treatment to remove old dirt including window, Paste hand wax, Window clean, Tire dressing.

Premium Exterior Detail : $235 regular, $285 mid, $345 large
100% Hand wash, Clay bar treatment, Surface correction, Machine polish to get better looking condition (tar, chemicals, touch up paint, scratches, oxidation, bumper marks, bird drops, tree sap, paint sprayed, cement,etc.), Window clean, Tire dressing, Wheel clean.

For Interior:

Express Interior Service: $40 regular, $70 mid, $90 large
Light vacuum carpet & Floor mats, Wipe dash board, Window clean.

Mini Interior Service: $120 regular, $150 mid, $190 large
Vacuum Seat, carpet, Floor mat, Side panel including Trunk.Wipe dashboard, Window clean, Door jams, Spot clean where necessary, Floor & Trunk mat clean.

Premium Interior Detail: $245 regular, $305 mid, $355 large
Deep Vacuum Seat, Carpet, Floor Mat, Trunk, Side Panel,  Glove compartment, Console and Handle area.   Clean all interior with machine & hand.   Leather & Vinyl conditioning.

Royal Package: $470 regular, $580 mid, $690 large
Premium Exterior + Premium interior detail.


Additional Magic Services

For Exterior

* Bumper mark, Tree sap, Bird drop, Tar, Bug…                  $35 & up
* Deep clean wheel                                                              $45   ”
*Paint over sprayed, Scratch                                                $55   ”
*Engine Bay clean &  dressing                                             $75   “

For Interior

* Trunk Mat                                                                            $25 & up
* 4-pieces Floor Mat                                                              $35  ”
* Odor removal                                                                      $45  ”
* Pet hair, Sand, Soil, Bushes …                                           $65  ”
* Special clean(vomiting, spilled, Broken glass …)                $75  ”
* Leather, vinyl conditioning                                                   $95  ”
(Seat, Side & Trunk panel, Dash board, Console …)

*** For Sale /  Lease Return Service
After checking the condition, it would be suggested to get
Maximum effect with Minimum cost.

*** Gift Card is available in person, by phone or mail.

*** Reservation preferred before one week usually.

Please,  remove all valuables before services. Magic Auto is not responsible for lost items.